Humanity , By :Warda Asif



Humanity can be defined as the basic quality that differentiates human beings from other living organisms. Humanity is a collective term to represent human beings’ love, affection, compassion, and concern for others. Humanity refers to every people regardless of religion, nationality, Nation country. Every human being in the world is respectable because he is a human being respect for humanity has also been taught in religion and knowledge.

Mutual respect is the secret and distinction of the development of civilized nations. how many nations and cultures became enviable simply because they respected each other, and emphasized the importance of respect when teaching morals to their new generations.

Humanity is learned behavior. It is not something that we are born with. we need to teach how to be compassionate and understanding toward others. Humanity is important because it is what makes us different from other animals. We are the only species on earth that has the ability to feel compassion, love, and kindness.

These are the things that make us human. Humanity is essential to building a better world where everyone can thrive and live a full filling life. One of the most important aspects of humanity is compassion. Empathy involves being empathetic to the feeling and experiences of others and ability to show them kindness and understanding. compassion is essential to help those in pain whether it is physical, emotional, or psychological.

As technology and capitalism are evolving at a faster rate in this era, we must all spread humanity where ever possible. When we start practicing humanity, we can tackle many big problems like global. Warming, pollution, Extinction of animals, and more.

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